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Are you looking for the best deals? We at Learn Spanish in Mexico City are always working on putting together the best offers to help you plan your Spanish lessons! You decide where you want to have your Spanish lessons; in our school, at your accommodation or office, café, or maybe you would like to explore Mexico City with your private Spanish teacher. Everything is possible and you can do everything for the same price! 

Every student is different and therefore we offer a lot of different packackages ranging from 1 hour up to a 100 hours. These are all standardized packages. However if you are not sure yet how many hours of classes you would like or what kind of Spanish classes you would like to have then please contact us and you will receive a personalized answer & proposal within 24 hours.

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Av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 103, Chimalistac, 01070 Ciudad de México, CDMX

TEL: +52 (55) 7158 4475    email: info@learnspanishinmexicocity.com


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